Announcing: Saffron

Pygmalion’s Art Supplies is pleased to announce Saffron, our new Custom Color for 2016.

Saffron is the seventh in the family of custom oil colors that Pygmalion’s Art Supplies has introduced to the artistic community in Bloomington, Indiana and beyond. Manufactured by Gamblin Artist Colors of Portland, Oregon, Saffron is an oil color – but don’t let this limit your creative enthusiasm! Over the past few years artists have used our custom oil colors in everything from watercolors, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, book arts, and mixed media.

With Saffron Pygmalion’s is continuing its tradition of community involvement. One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of each Custom Color over the past six years have been donated to a local non-profit organization. This year’s color will benefit Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, a vital asset in our community.

Saffron is a unique, opaque Naples Yellow-like color created by Mitch Raney, an MFA Painting candidate at Indiana University Bloomington. Raney was given the name Saffron to work with, then mixed a series of color swatches from which one was chosen and sent to Gamblin for manufacturing. Why Saffron? Saffron is a spice made from the stamens of crocus flowers. In its natural form it is a reddish brown color, but when cooked it becomes a beautiful golden yellow that can color other ingredients in a recipe, as well as adding flavor. Each tube is decorated with a picture of a crocus flower drawn by IU Printmaking student Bethany Lumsdaine.

Saffron sells for $8.95 per tube and will be on sale while supplies last at Pygmalion’s retail store, or by mail order. Artists from all disciplines are encouraged to use this new color and see how it can enhance their creative processes. For color mixing inspiration Pygmalion’s has displayed a chart of sample colors made with Saffron, mixed and printed by local artist Jim Sampson.

Along with creating and selling the Custom Color, Pygmalion’s has continued its tradition of hosting a one-night show in mid-April of artwork created using Saffron. This year's event, the Wednesday Night Art Show with Saffron, was a fun and well-attended event, featuring lots of great artwork and delicious food prepared by owner John Wilson. Over $600 in cash prizes were awarded! Below are just a few of the wonderful works of art in the show, and photos of the event.

Stop by or contact us to purchase a tube.