“Hey, Artists——It’s here!!!  It is Black!!!!”  “It’s KNEW BLACK!”

                                                                                      ———Kiki Smith the Cat    

                                                                                      ———Kiki Smith the Cat


A brand new color for your creative palette——KNEW BLACK!    (Yes, you-think you know what the color black is all about, but this is a totally different — BLACK)

Pygmalion’s Art Supplies of Bloomington, IN and Wet Paint of St. Paul, MN are partnering for the first time to launch this new color into the artistic world of 2018. (Entries in bold italics are links!).

Thanks to artist Minneapolis/St.Paul artist Ta-Coumba Aiken for designing the color. His formula for a chromatic black was adapted by Gamblin Artist Colors and manufactured from a unique mixture of Dioxazine Violet and Bone Black. Knew Black is an oil color with a subtle warm violet color that works great in mixtures and when tinted with white. Visit our store or click here to see some samples of beautiful colors that have been created using Knew Black.

There are fewer than 300 tubes available for purchase —— get your tube soon for only $8.95! Or buy a pack of three of our recent Custom Colors for only $19.95. The Three Pack includes Cat’s Tail, Red Rhino Red and Knew Black.

This year all proceeds of the sale of Knew Black and the Custom Color Three Packs at Pygmalion’s Art Supplies benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington, IN. Fashion statement Knew Black pins and T-shirts are also available now!

You can use this oil color in creative ways with all media! Need ideas? Give us a call, or stop by Pygmalion’s Art Supplies, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

We think that this one will sell out fast, so stop by or call to order yours soon!!! 

                                                                            ————Kiki Smith the Cat

 P.S. This year we held our annual Wednesday Night Art Show on Wednesday, April 18. We displayed a wide variety of wonderful artwork made with Knew Black all around the store. Some photos from the event are below: